Picture this: A plush, vibrantly green lawn and perfectly pruned hedges. Early mornings in the garden nurturing flowerbeds. Clearing snowdrifts in winter and gutters in spring.

Husqvarna can power it all.

Whether you’re maintaining a commercial property or your own yard, Husqvarna products are tailor-made for you. Tame the world around you with outdoor tools and power equipment from a brand known around the world.  

At Colonial Power & Sport, we put these tools into the hands of Milford, New Haven, and Stratford, CT, residents and professional green thumbs!

Husqvarna Products YardHusqvarna Products Yard

Husqvarna for the Yard

Spruce up your home, yard, or garden with Husqvarna outdoor power equipment for residential use. All the tools you could need are waiting for you in our shop:

  • Garden hand tools
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Lawn mowers  
  • Leaf blowers
  • Snow blowers

Now’s the time to give your landscaping that extra glow—or cover more acreage by the minute on that zero-turn mower. Make yardwork feel more fulfilling again with ergonomically designed equipment. Yes, Husqvarna is for humans!

When you want to learn more about a piece of power equipment, just reach out to our product experts. We’re happy to dive into the details with you.

Husqvarna for Professionals 

Like the trees its products are made to trim, Husqvarna has many branches. With commercial-grade power equipment that caters to many industries, the brand powers outdoor work in several essential sectors! Just to name a few:

  • Arborists, loggers, and tree care
  • Commercial lawn care and maintenance
  • Government and public agencies
  • Construction and stone industries

From handheld power cutters and diamond blades to axes, forestry clearing saws, and zero-turn mowers, our inventory of Husqvarna outdoor power equipment for commercial use couldn’t be more comprehensive!

Husqvarna Products ProfessionalsHusqvarna Products Professionals
Husqvarna Products CareHusqvarna Products Care

Husqvarna Parts, Husqvarna Care 

Husqvarna products are engineered to tackle the toughest maintenance, but they themselves may need maintenance from time to time. When that mower or snow blower needs to spend some time in the shop, our technicians are here to help.

We will ensure your power equipment leaves our shop ready to tackle a new day on the job. And remember, we use Husqvarna parts for service and repair! Your products will retain the qualities that made them great in the first place.

Would you rather handle repairs yourself? Our team has you covered. Order your Husqvarna parts from us and treat your power equipment to the best in care.

Discover a New Way to Power Outdoor Maintenance 

You really need to hold outdoor power equipment in your own hands to get a feel for it. See why pros around the world trust Husqvarna here at our showroom!

When Milford, New Haven, and Stratford, CT, residents need Husqvarna products, Colonial Power & Sport is the solution! Stop by and see us today.